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Here we share testimonials from our dear students with you. Testimonials that are, and will always be, part of our history. They show how much Evandro Santos Surf School is dedicated to always providing the best experience for everyone.


Evandro's classes are excellent! He has a lot of didactics and knowledge to pass on the main instructions on theory, practice, safety at sea, reading the waves, etc. I absolutely trust him when I'm at sea, which makes me very confident to catch several waves and have a lot of fun!! It's been like this since the first class.


Very good class. It exceeded all my expectations. I had never climbed on a surfboard before and I already managed to catch a wave in the 1st attempts. The teacher offers a dynamic lesson on the main concepts of surfing, with a strong emphasis on safety. Excellent experience. I intend to take new classes whenever I return to Florianópolis.


Very complete school. It has an organized headquarters with several models of boards available. An experienced instructor, he manages to adapt the student's surfing level to the ideal material. Barra da Lagoa beach is very good for beginners. During the classes that I attended, everyone caught high waves!!!


Incredible structure of the place and dynamics of classes. Even having a few years of free surfing experience, it was impressive! It was like it was the first time I had gone into the sea to surf. A very enriching learning, and that certainly made me evolve a lot in surfing. Thank you Evandro Santos.

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