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Surf Immersion

SURF IMMERSION was developed especially for those looking for total integration with surfing, and that unique lifestyle.

A totally special module with the objective of bringing the improvement of surfing with a broad vision, understanding each fundamental process for the evolution of the sport as a whole. 

We will address rules, techniques, understand the process of developing boards inside the shaping room, gaining new knowledge and understanding every connection between a briefing for the production of a board and the practice of the sport.

In IMMERSION TO SURF with coach Evandro Santos, you will have an incredible experience in and out of the water, including activities that enrich learning, such as Surf Simulator Skateboard, Practical Surf Lessons, and SurfFoil, with footage and analysis. And even Surf Trips to the best spots, where you will understand about the waves and the place. 

You also have accommodation, all the necessary equipment and support for the SURF IMMERSION. 

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